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Nutrition First is a great supplier of the top-quality European supplements, mainly from Germany, Poland and Austria. They have plenty of products, which are supplied solely by them on the UK market, which is a great benefit.

With this business, we have been doing social media platforms, the website administration and development, email marketing to event management as they are local to our agency. They have been struggling with people not knowing the products, which is what we are trying to fix, to raise awareness of these brands and products.

The owners have a long experience in training, nutrition and even bodybuilding competing, so free advice is always available, which is very unique for the business. They have been dealing and working in this business for over 20 years now. What works well for this company are social media competitions and also email marketing.

AFUHUB - American Football United Hub is a social place where all levels of players and all levels of coaches can come to improve on anything from nutrition to skill techniques.

We have been working with this company very closely as it is locally based to us. It is a starting online business aiming to provide American Football the credit that it deserves. We have been mainly focusing on the web administration, doing Search Engine Optimisation, fixing any issues and will also focus on video content creation.

Meal Prep by Jess is, by the name, a meal prep business. It is based in Derby with free deliveries within 5-mile radius. It is a new company, established in 2018 by the UK Fitness Masters Model Champion Jessica Ratcliffe. She has got certifications in nutrition and years and years of experience in training and bodybuilding competitions. Cooking and making people happy via food is her passion.

With this business, we helped to bring it to life. We have designed the logo, menu and the website. All the online work, website, social media, online orders, are coming through us, the only thing we are not doing is cooking the healthy delicious meals.

Adverts on social media for local people have been working really well, but we have been also doing many tasting sessions around Derby gyms and we got amazing feedback. We are currently planning to do many more as it’s been a great success.

Muscle Xcess is a top-quality supplement brand from Scotland. The supplements are different to the ones you see everywhere on social media. These are based on science, the knowledge of human physiology and knowing which ingredients work and those that don’t.

We have been working with them very closely on their social media platforms as well as on the website. They have sponsored athletes and ambassadors, who are helping the brand grow, but there had to be some work done in terms of the scheme. A thing that has been working great for this brand is Instagram stories from the athletes. Nowadays, these athletes or so-called influencers are very important for a brand, which is why we have been focusing on them quite a lot.

We have also done various online advertising campaigns and used Facebook ads to reach more people and increase sales. Email marketing has helped a lot in terms of sales and we are continuing to successfully do that.

Bodytone Warehouse is one of the largest supplements and gym clothes supplier in Scotland. They offer brands like Optimum Nutrition, Protein Dynamix, Grenade, BSN supplements and many others. The clothing range is very unique with brands like Gorilla Wear, Better Bodies or Gasp, with items that are no longer available elsewhere.

The cooperation with Bodytone Warehouse has been really successful as we communicate with the business owners very openly, which is important to get the best results. Our advertising campaigns have been a great success, especially on Facebook and shared via emails. To help drive more sales, we have been administrating the whole website, focusing on SEO of the products. With Bodytone Warehouse and more than 500 products, doing SEO has helped massively via Google.

Spartan Bodyworks is a gym located in Barnsley with years and years of operating. It is a private gym run by a bodybuilding champion, who is now helping other people to achieve their fitness goals.

We have been running its social media platforms, creating content and developing the website. The changes have not been major as we do not have access to everything, but the increase in purchased memberships over the past few months has been noticeable.

Student Mind is a new student company based in Derby. They came with a really niche product on the supplement and vitamin market, nootropics. As they are university students, their target market are students to help them achieve great academic results.


The product is made from ancient herbs and vitamins, which help with the cognitive function of the brain. It also increases memory, helps with focus and fights procrastination.

The business has been established in 2018 and we have been involved in the whole process of branding as well as content creation and web administration. Social media platforms are the most powerful tool for this company as university students spend a lot of their time on their phones scrolling through their feeds.