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"The power of now" KristalMark.

KristalMark is a creative agency who specialises on small businesses, who might be struggling with their awareness and branding. We want to help small businesses to grow as we believe, in them is the future. The reason is that many small businesses are disappearing from the market because they are not online. Till now we have been working with more than six clients and we pride ourselves to have a good knowledge of that area. And we ourselves are graduates of a marketing course.


Our recent successful campaign using Facebook ads has doubled clients sales and raised awareness by 20%. Our expertise is in social media, creating creative content, brand development, blogging, email marketing, influencer marketing and online adverts. The trends on the online market are always changing, therefore we try to be as responsive and current as possible. We always suggest marketing improvements according to these trends, which is what we call acting in “the Power of Now”.


Hiring our agency does not mean the marketing work from your side is done. Our aim is to involve your business as much as possible and communicate in order to get the best results. KristalMark was founded in 2018 by two self-driven marketing practitioners. Both of us come from an international environment, which we believe gives us an advantage of having the ability to look at the bigger picture.


What is really important for us is to understand the business from inside out before starting and suggesting any developments.  We cannot jump into something and expect everything we used so far will work on a different business. Therefore, knowing the company and its values is crucial to help your business grow.

We have clients who sell supplements, gym clothing, tourist clothing, training programs for American Football players, meal prepped meals to gyms and special products like nootropics or CBD oil. Your business can be from any area, and we will do our best to help you grow and reach your potential. Communication is key in what we do, so we need an absolute engagement from you and your business.